The creators of the motorcycle helmet Skully AR-1 went bankrupt, spending $13.5 million for personal purposes

Two years ago, we wrote about the Skully AR-1 — smart motorcycle helmet with rearview camera and GPS module. Then startup Skully has raised money for the release of the helmet on the site Indiegogo, offering interested book helmet for $1399.

In the end, the startup has attracted funding worth almost 2.5 million dollars, although initially it was planned to collect 250 thousand dollars. Helmet has not been released in the summer of 2015, as promised, and the management of Skully filed the necessary documents for the recognition of bankruptcy.

Two weeks ago, a former employee Skully Fathauer Isabelle (Isabelle Faithauer) has filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing its founders, brothers Marcus and Mitch Weller (Marcus and Mitch Weller), in the embezzlement of funds obtained from investors and participants of the fundraiser on Indiegogo. In 2015, Skully has attracted additional funding in the amount of about 11 million dollars that was bought several motorcycles, two supercar Dodge Viper, smartphones, tablets, and so on. The founders Skully indulged in travel in Bermuda and the Bahamas, visited strip clubs, traveled in a rented Lamborghini cars, as well as paid personal bills on the company credit card.

Isabelle, as she says herself, worked as accountant of the company for 50 hours a week without compensation for overtime. She argues that the founders Skully required to adjust accounting records to hide spending, threatening with dismissal. When Isabel went in pre-approved vacation, fired her, offering her silent for a certain amount of money. She refused.

In July of this year, there was unconfirmed information that their helmets got from 20 to 100 people.


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