The creators of the Mod module Physical Keyboard for smartphones Moto Z has successfully collected on Indiegogo $ 100,000

Not so long ago on the Indiegogo platform launched a campaign to raise funds for the module Physical Keyboard Mod for smartphones Moto Z. the module turns the unit into a «side-slider», of which to date on the market simply no.

The fact that such decisions are necessary to someone, confirms the successful conclusion of the campaign. The creators of the module two days before the end of the fundraiser received the required $ 100,000, and this means that the module will go into production.

In total, the campaign has involved nearly 1,000 people. Not so much that someone from the producers think about the issue of «side-slider», but enough to once again confirm the success of the modular concept Moto. Recall at least three of the next generation of smartphones Moto Z will maintain the existing modules and new modules will fit to older models.

Delivery module Physical Keyboard Mod is expected to begin in June.



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