The creators of Panono camera, which has its production of 1.25 million dollars, declared bankruptcy

The creators of Panono the first consumer camera resolution more than 100 Megapixels, filed for bankruptcy. This, in particular, means that participants in the fundraiser, organized in 2013 on the website Indiegogo and will not receive their cameras.

Recall, the developers managed to collect 1.25 million dollars. However, with the release of camera problems. Initially it was assumed that the shipment will begin in September 2014, but in October was named the new deadline is spring 2015. The developers gradually improved the camera, and moved the start date of supply. In July 2015, they promised that the camera will be ready in September. But that promise was not kept.

A number of cameras were sold after the end of the fundraiser. Their owners are likely to also suffer from the bankruptcy of the creators of the camera, because will no longer operate the servers that handle the images and combining them into a spherical panorama.

Source: DP Review


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