The creators of Adblock Plus has begun to sell advertising

In mid-may, the company Facebook has declared war on the ad blockers, saying that well-made, unobtrusive advertising can be very useful, it can help you to quickly learn about new products and services.

Now the creators of the very popular extensions for browsers, Adblock Plus has announced the launch of the new service, which is obviously not welcome. The basic idea, according to the developers, is that Adblock Plus will now replace the large, ugly and obtrusive advertising in a little, which will not disturb you while surfing the web. If to speak directly, the company will show only the ads that pay companies wishing to promote their products and services.

In Adblock Plus declare that the site owners will be able to decide what advertising is acceptable to them, thereby expanding the market of so-called «good» advertising and earning it.

Beta-testing platform that will be used by companies for advertising, has just started a full launch scheduled for the end of this year. 80% of the proceeds will go to the advertiser, 6% takes Adblock Plus, the rest of the site relies on which the ad is displayed.


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