The Creator of the Raspberry Pi called the same name microcomputer the most popular alternative to Mac and PC computers

Released over five years sold over 12.5 million copies single Board computer Raspberry Pi, no doubt, was a very popular solution in the market of computer platforms, General purpose. And despite the fact that in comparison with other platforms, Mac and PC sales numbers look meager, the Creator of the microcomputer Eben Upton (Eben Upton) found Raspberry Pi the third platform in popularity in the world. How did this happen?

It just compares Upton of Raspberry Pi sales with sales of other popular at the time of the computer — Commodore 64. In their calculations the Creator of the Raspberry Pi is based on the study by Michael Steil (Michael Steil), who found that over 11.5 years, the time it was released 12.5 million Commodore 64. Alas, it is only one theory, according to other sources, the volume of production of the Commodore 64 were significantly more — from 17 to 30 million. If desired, of Upton, of course, possible to catch in the manipulation of data, but in the year of the fifth anniversary of the device, that the liberty of the Creator of the Raspberry Pi is quite forgivable. Besides the success of the Raspberry Pi it is hard to deny, after all, was originally planned to release only 10 (!) up to 20 thousand pieces of these microcomputers.

At the same time the company website was published interesting statistics on the sales of specific models of Raspberry Pi. It is noteworthy Raspberry Zero W is the newest model, which debuted just a few weeks ago. As he noted Upton, just four days sale Pi Zero W reached 100,000 units, which automatically makes this modification one of the most commercially successful.

But the first place in the structure of sales has secured the model a Raspberry Pi 3B — accounting for almost a third of the demand. And the total sales of the Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 2 make up more than half of the total volume of the microcomputers.

Source: Raspberry Pi

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