The court found it lawful to temporarily limit the access of employees, Western Digital databases, Toshiba

As you know, in late June, Toshiba filed for Western Digital to court, demanding $ 1 billion. At the same time it has locked employees of Western Digital access to the databases of the joint ventures with Toshiba and SanDisk, a subsidiary of Western Digital. The pretext was the assertion about the alleged unlawful obtaining of trade secrets by Toshiba as a result of the conversion of Western Digital SanDisk employees, who had access to confidential information of the joint venture.

Last week issued a Directive, which obligates to remove the access restriction. However, Toshiba filed an appeal. Having considered it, the court found that Toshiba has the right to continue «to strive for the protection of intellectual property», and may again prevent employees from Western Digital access to the database and some objects. According to Toshiba, and it was immediately done.

Source: Toshiba

Western Digital


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