The court banned sales of smartphones Huawei in the UK because of a claim of a patent Troll

Sources report that the Supreme court of justice of England and Wales ruled against Huawei, which struggled with Unwired Planet. Last note, many of the resources called patent Troll. Additionally, it offers patents, previously owned by Ericsson.

Unwired Planet has accused Huawei of violating patents and demanded payment of royalties. It was about six patents, five of which at the time was among others acquired from Ericsson, and the sixth is the development of Unwired Planet.

The court’s decision Huawei has banned the sale of smartphones in the UK, however, this is unlikely to happen. First, Huawei has the right to appeal, and secondly, the company had originally stated willingness to pay royalties. Moreover, she made the offer to Unwired Planet in April, but then it was too late.

That is, even if Huawei will not appeal or lose the second case, it will enter into an agreement with Unwired Planet and that the case will be closed. Note that the corresponding agreement will include payments in the amount of 0,032-0,064% of the sale price of the smartphone.



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