The costs of small and medium business information technology in 2020 reached 668 billion dollars

According to the forecast of experts of the analytical company IDC, the cost of small and medium business information technology in the coming years will grow by 4.2% per year. Given that this year these costs will amount to 564 billion dollars, this means that in 2020 they will reach 668 billion.

The main part of costs is shared approximately equally between the three major items: hardware, software and services. The total cost of these three items exceed 85% of the total. Note that hardware accounts for somewhat more than other articles, but the pace of growth in this segment is projected to be the lowest at 1.1% per year. At the same time, for example, software costs, according to analysts, will grow by 6.6% per year, faster than the industry as a whole.

Small and medium business analysts IDC classifies enterprises with number of employees less than 1000 people.

Source: IDC



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