The cost of storing 1 GB of data over the last couple of years have not changed

Resource Backblaze decided to evaluate the hard drive market from the point of view of changes in the cost of one Gigabyte.

In 1981, the cost of 1 GB of space on HDD was $ 500,000. Now — a 0,025 dollar. As you can see in the chart below, it is probably the limit, as the rate was almost unchanged over the past year, despite the fact that a model with a volume of 8 TB.

Moreover, the most profitable are they and not even the HDD 6 TB. Great drives now — 4-terabyte. The cost of 1 GB in these models is 0.025 USD. The models with capacity of 3 TB — 0.028 dollar. Followed by models with capacity of 2 TB (0,033 dollar), and only after — 8-terabyte HDD with the cost of 1 GB 0,038 dollar.

The graph below clearly shows that in 2015 the price of a Gigabyte has changed very little and yet any prospects for further declines there. The source says that you can rely on technology of filling with helium and other modern developments, but it is unclear how much they will affect the cost of storing 1 GB of data.

Moreover, the source doesn’t say that, but it’s no secret that ordinary users today often do not need a HDD larger than 1-2 TB. This is due to the availability of cloud storage and the popularity of different streaming services. Accordingly, there is no growth in demand for drives larger volume, it is from the consumer market, the main consumers of such devices are becoming data centers.


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