The cost of Samsung Galaxy S8 was the highest among modern smartphones serial

Experts IHS, Markit estimated the cost of accessories for Samsung Galaxy S8, seeing that he is the most expensive in the production of modern smartphones, except, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S8+. It is understood that we are talking about the present series flagships such as the iPhone 7, LG G6, and so on. Nobody is talking about Vertu smartphones and exclusive, decorated with precious stones and noble metals.

The production version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 64 GB of flash memory costs $307,5. Thus, the cost of Samsung Galaxy S8 was $36,29 higher than that of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and $43,34 higher than the Galaxy S7.

In IHS, Markit has not yet calculated the cost of production of Samsung Galaxy S8+, but it is clear that the device b isona larger display would be even more expensive. The most expensive will be a version of Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory that is offered in China and South Korea.

Yesterday, Samsung promised to eliminate the reddish tint of the display Samsung Galaxy S8 with firmware updates.



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