The cost of replacing the rear glass iPhone X higher than the cost of OnePlus 5

Smartphone Apple iPhone X, as is known, the received edge-to-edge OLED display. It is larger and more expensive screens in the Junior iPhone. And now you know how many users it will cost to replace in case of damage.

So, in the absence of the extended warranty replacement will cost $ 280. For comparison, the iPhone 6 such a procedure will cost $ 130 and the iPhone 8 will have to pay $ 170.

But that’s not the most expensive. All other non-warranty repair procedures will cost $ 550! Simply put, so much will have to pay to replace the back glass. For iPhone 8 it’s worth $ 350.

In the end, if possible it is better to purchase an extended warranty AppleCare+, which for the flagship is $ 200. However, as we remember, Apple has reserved the right in «certain cases» to refuse warranty replacement of rear window even with AppleCare+.



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