The cooperation with Amazon has allowed LG to empower the ecosystem of the smart home, built with the use of the Internet of things

LG has introduced at IFA in Berlin 2016 the smart home ecosystem, the creation of which was attended by numerous South Korean manufacturer partners, including Amazon.

According to the manufacturer, the device LG SmartThinQ Hub now compatible with personal intelligent assistant Amazon Alexa. It enables users to control connected appliances with voice commands-no smartphone needed. Interaction SmartThinQ Sensor with Amazon Dash lets you order goods for home one touch of a button. Moreover, a washer with SmartThinQ Sensor itself can order washing powder. Recall, LG SmartThinQ Sensor — a device that extends the capabilities of existing appliances, and LG SmartThinQ Hub — head device for the ecosystem of smart home.

In addition, LG has brought to IFA 2016 refrigerator with Smart InstaView Door-in-Door, equipped with 29-inch transparent touch screen LCD, and other novelties in the field of intelligent home.

Sources: Reuters, LG



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