The Cooler Master tried to make the case MasterCase 5t features the style of a sports car

Cooler Master presented the case MasterCase 5 in June of last year — at that time a novelty, in fact, has become the flagship decision maker. And now, after almost a year and a half since the premiere, MasterCase 5 there is a special version marked with the letter «t» in the title.

What has changed? First, color scheme: unlike the monotonous MasterCase 5, 5t MasterCase made in black and red tones. Moreover, the exterior of the red is smaller than in the interior. Yet there was a comfortable rubber handle that facilitates portability of the system. This pen can withstand a weight of 28.5 kg.

As noted by mark Severin (Mark Severin), marketer, Cooler Master, in charge of the case: «We wanted to make [housing] more dramatic, daring, like a sports car». Well, black and red are really often found in the coloring sports cars, super — and hypercar. And in both transparent (tempered glass) sides of the chassis one can see the similarity with the hood of the engine, which is also often deliberately made transparent, so that the eye could enjoy the kind of tough V8 and V12.

MasterCase 5t is equipped with a built-in backlight and controller fan rotation, and number of USB 3.0 ports placed still on the slant front panel, increased to four.

Inside MasterCase 5t corresponds to the usual version of the case, note that the presence in the package of the device supporting cards.

The novelty will go on sale in Europe this month and will be offered for 250 Euro.

Source: CoolerMaster

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