The controller Phison PS8311 to the UFS specification 2.1 and supports flash memory 3D NAND TLC

The company introduced the Phison controller PS8311 that corresponds to the UFS specification 2.1. The standard UFS 2.1 provides a higher speed of flash compared to eMMC. According to the manufacturer, it will find application in mobile devices.

PS8311 — controller UFS in the range of Phison. Having only one line interface, it is 30% superior to controllers in eMMC mode sequential read, showing a speed of 410 MB/s sequential write Speed reaches up to 235 MB/s. peak performance for read operations random access declared equal to 28 500 IOPS on write operations — 26 500 IOPS, which is two to three times greater than the fastest eMMC controllers.

The controller supports flash memory TLC 3D NAND from different manufacturers. The ability to simultaneously connect up to eight NAND crystals allows to obtain the memory from 16 to 256 GB. In the future, the manufacturer expects to release a model with two lines supporting up to 1 TB of memory.

Source: Phison


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