The controller Phison E8 with PCIe x2 and NVMe is designed for inexpensive SSD size M. 2

The company will soon release a Phison controller for low-cost SSD size M. 2 with PCIe. They have to compete with Intel SSD 600p.

Controller, support 3D NAND and NVMe, got only two lines PCIe, and not four, as the product of Intel. Allegedly, this helped to reduce power consumption. It is expected that the drives on the basis of the E8 will be produced with capacity from 128 GB to 1 TB, being more affordable in comparison with models 600p same amount on the controller Silicon Motion SM2260. Thus, according to the results of the first tests, the performance of the new SSD is higher performance 600p and SSD WD Black.

Given that the optimization of the firmware continues, the indicators are serial products can be even better.



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