The consortium with SK Hynix is willing to pay for Toshiba’s semiconductor business for $ 4.3 billion more than the original proposal

As we recently reported, Western Digital ready to abandon attempts to purchase semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba. Recall that in this case, the transaction would be valued at 17.4 billion.

Despite the possible departure of a competitor, the other potential buyer decided to raise the rates. The source reports that a consortium consisting of Bain Capital, SK Hynix, Fund Innovation Network Corporation and the Bank Development Bank of Japan, previously offered by Toshiba for its semiconductor business $ 18 billion, is now ready to buy a part of the Japanese giant for 22.3 bn

If this deal goes through, Bain Capital will receive 49.9 percent of the votes, the Toshiba will be 40%, and Japanese companies will get a total of 10.1%. Representatives of the consortium will meet with representatives of Toshiba in the environment.

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