The concept-Opera Neon

Yesterday, the company introduced Opera concept Opera Neon, which is built on the same engine as the Opera browser. The developers claim that Opera Neon will allow you to focus on content.

Neon Opera will offer new ways of interacting with web content, including the ability to move items in the browser. Opera Neon includes a new start page that uses a background image that is installed on the user’s computer; the left panel with a video player, image gallery and download Manager; new visual tab bar right part of the browser window for easier viewing of tabs; intelligent automatic control system of tabs (often used tabs go upstairs). Also the browser has received a brand new search and address bar that supports the most popular search engines and OpenSearch.

In addition, the developers implemented the possibility to continue to view the video, while on other web pages; snapshot function of any part of the web page and save it in the gallery browser, split screen mode, allowing you to open and work on the screen with two pages at a time.

Opera Neon is not a replacement of the existing Opera browser, but some of the presented functions is planned for the Opera this spring.

Concept Opera Neon is available for free testing on Windows and Mac.



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