The computer case Thermaltake Core P7 TG may be only two walls, one of which is glass

According to the source, the company Thermaltake presented a casing and a Core P7 TG. Product description is not yet available on the manufacturer’s website, but the images published source, give a sufficient idea about the features of the device Core P7 TG.

The open type of housing in the minimum configuration includes only two walls. One is the basis on which is fixed the motherboard and other components, and the second plays a decorative function. It is made of tempered glass.

When installing the ITS, you can use two wall-supports, pivoted at an angle of 180°, as shown in the illustrations. Obviously, housing is oriented to fans of spectacular installations and decorations.

Approaching the case from a practical perspective, we can distinguish the possibility of installing the motherboard is rotated 90°, so that the connectors on the I / o be on top.

The price of unusual new items is approximately $300.

Source: Techpowerup



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