The components in the case Jonsbo VR2 are mounted vertically

Together with the case Jonsbo QT03A the range of its performance, a model Jonsbo VR2, smaller «caliber.» Now only supported on the system Board size microATX and Mini-ITX, and in order to accommodate long graphics cards (up to 320 mm) all internal components placed vertically (mounting strip cards not on the back wall, and top).

The chassis Jonsbo VR2 steel, but the exterior panels are made of aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm, and the side panels of tempered glass of 5 mm thickness. Supports ATX PSUs up to 250 mm and CPU coolers height of 190 mm.

There is only one Bay for HDD size 3.5 inches, but four compartment size 2.5 inches. For mounting drives has rubberized bumpers to reduce vibration and noise.

Because of the peculiarities of the layout of the air intake is at the bottom of the case (two fans standard size 120 mm) and blowing up (single fan, 120 mm). In the lower part of the front panel contains audio connectors and two USB 3.0 ports.

399.5 opening with dimensions x 378 x 238 mm weight case Jonsbo VR2 is 9 kg. Its recommended price is 125 euros.



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