The company WiseChip Semiconductor has introduced a new translucent and flexible PMOLED displays

At Electronica 2016, taking place these days in Munich, the Taiwanese company, WiseChip Semiconductor, specializing in the production of PMOLED displays, presented their achievements in this area. In particular, exposure WiseChip includes a translucent and flexible displays, including an improved version of the flexible display PMOLED for wearable electronics, shown for the first time.

Translucent panels are used for display, worn on the head. According to WiseChip, PMOLED panels are well suited for this application because they provide high quality images and have a simple device. The showcased panel size 4.1 inch is characterized by a transparency of 65% and a brightness of 3,000 CD/m2.

Behind the AMOLED panels by size and resolution, PMOLED panels have strengths. They are cheaper to manufacture and easier to adapt to the requirements of a particular application, thereby expanding the area of application.

WiseChip company engaged in the development and production of PMOLED displays with more than ten years. She ranks second in the world in terms of delivery of the product. WiseChip production base includes two factories of 2.5 G. In the near future planned expansion of production.

Source: Ctimes



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