The company VeriSilicon introduced IP-core Vivante 2 on the MESH architecture for embedded processors

The company VeriSilicon Holdings introduced a series of IP-cores Vivante CC8000 to scalable parallel architecture, MESH (Memory Efficient Shader). According to the developer, these nuclei provide the greatest power density, expressed in number of floating point operations per unit chip area. The processors on the new kernels can be used in embedded systems for a wide range of applications, including scientific calculations, encryption, signal processing, computer vision and natural language processing.

The series includes IP — CC8400 configuration that includes 256 cores MESH, each of which has 32-bit computing unit for when working at 1 GHz performance 576 GFLOPS. — CC8400-Quad four CC8400 working as a single IP block that provides performance of over 2 TFLOPS. Developer notes built-in support for complex mathematical operations and calculations with double precision. Core series CC8000 compatible with OpenCL 1.2 FP and OpenVX, supporting at the hardware level all aspects of OpenCL, including transcendental functions. ACCORDING to Vivante CC8000 does not depend on the operating system and can be ported to almost any platform.

Vivante CC8000 series now available for licensing.

Source: VeriSilicon


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