The company that developed the virtual assistant Viv, Samsung cost 215 million dollars

In October last year, Samsung bought a startup Viv Labs, which was developing a virtual assistant is a new generation called Viv. According to some, the voice assistant in Bixby Galaxy S8 will be the result of development of the project, although other rumors claim that Bixby will not be used for the development of Viv Labs.

Anyway, thanks to the documents the Korean giant, it became known that Viv Labs, which at the time of the transaction with Samsung was not a commercial product and only recently had to submit Viv, was sold for 215 million dollars (at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction).

We also recall that in may last year, when it was first presented Viv, it was known that Facebook and Google were trying to buy the developers, but something has not developed.



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