The company that created the Panono camera, sold to a new owner. Participants in the fundraiser are left with nothing

As we previously reported, the creators of Panono camera, which has its production of 1.25 million dollars, declared bankruptcy. The camera received a total of about 400 participants of the fundraiser.

The other day this story ended with a message about the sale of the eponymous company, has developed an unusual camera. According to one of the founders of Panono, the new owner will receive all of the assets of the company, including «warehouse inventory software, the right to develop, almost all contracts with employees… but not obligations to third parties.» The source says that the last category is those who funded the production of Panono in the course of the campaign to raise funds on the website of the collective funding Indiegogo.

Funds received from the sale, did not get the organizers of the project, and will be used to repay the company’s debts.

Source: DP Review


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