The company StoreDot has revealed a battery for electric vehicles, fully charged in 5 minutes

The company StoreDot, which is developing batteries based on the technology «nanotech», capable of very fast charging showed a battery designed for electric vehicles.

According to the company, the battery is fully recharged in just five minutes, providing a cruising range of 480 km At a recent exhibition CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin, the Israeli developers showed the charging process.

For comparison, the charging station Tesla Supercharger recharges the battery of a Tesla electric car in about two hours.

In batteries StoreDot FlashBattery technology is used, including layers of nanomaterials and speciality organic compounds, according to developers who have never used batteries. Allegedly, FlashBattery rechargeable batteries safer than lithium-ion since they are not flammable and explode at a higher temperature. Their appearance in electric vehicles is expected within the next three years.

Source: StoreDot


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