The company Renesas Electronics has changed the schedule of reporting and again reported for 2016

Until recently, Renesas Electronics, like other Japanese companies, is considered as the beginning of a new fiscal year on 1 April. That’s why, for example, in may last year a report was published to Renesas for the 2016 fiscal year. However, the company decided to switch to the new reporting coordinates. Now the beginning of the year is 1 January. In this regard, after only nine months after the publication of the previous annual report, the company Renesas Electronics has published a new annual report. This is the report for the year ended December 31.

Renesas income for the year amounted to 4.16 billion dollars. Of this amount, sales of semiconductor products accounted for 4.04 billion dollars. Operating profit for the year amounted to 483 million dollars. Net profit is approximately equal to 390 million dollars.

As of year-end assets of Renesas estimated 7.28 billion.

Source: Renesas



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