The company Point of View, contrary to the information in the Network, is not a bankrupt

PC sales continue to decline for many quarters in a row. This affects the sales of components for computers. For example, the discrete graphics cards. Yes, the last quarter for this segment was successful, but it’s the exception.

As a result, the smaller producers can not compete with more famous counterparts. So the company Point of View has been declared bankrupt in the Netherlands. At least, this was yesterday and today had to inform many thematic resources.

However, the company turned to the source, a statement that makes it clear that the situation is somewhat different. It turns out, declared bankruptcy, only the company Point of View BV, which was mainly engaged in retail trade in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Point of View BV is part of a group of companies Point of View Group, which also includes the company’s Point of View Holding that Point of View International, Point De Vue Afrique, Point of View Mobii Asia and Supply-Partner. All these companies are active and no relation to the bankruptcy of one of the parts of the group do not have.

Point of View


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