The company Micron Technology has completed the acquisition of Inotera Memories

The company Micron Technology today announced the completion of the acquisition of Taiwan-based Inotera Memories. The final amount of the transaction was approximately equal to 4 billion dollars. It corresponds to the value of one share of Inotera 0.94 dollar.

Information that the company Acer is going to buy the remainder Inotera, there was almost a year ago (then Acer already owned 33% stake in Inotera). The transaction is expected in July 2016. However, in June it became known that Toshiba is delaying the acquisition of the remaining part of Inotera. The reason then was named. Presumably, there were delays with financing. Originally the deal was estimated at $ 3.2 billion. In Acer expected to Finance the purchase in part of property and cash, and $ 2.5 billion to make a new loan. According to the report, the problem was resolved. Now the company Inotera Memories is fully owned by Acer. Reorganization plans, the source said.

Source: Micron



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