The company Micron reported for the first quarter of the 2017 financial year

On the calendar, Micron is already in full swing of the 2017 financial year, the first quarter which have well-known producer of memory chips, ended 1 Dec. Yesterday the company published the quarterly report.

Toshiba revenue for the period amounted to 3.97 billion dollars in revenue. It on 23% more than in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016, and 19% more than in the first quarter of the fiscal year. Net profit for the quarter was $ 180 million. Note that the preceding quarter, the company made a loss of $ 170 million. The first quarter of 2016 financial year managed to finish with a profit of $ 206 million dollars.

Their success the company attributed the favorable situation on the market of memory chips, NAND and DRAM. Sales of DRAM for the past quarter managed to increase by 18%, NAND — 26%. The average price of DRAM increased by 5%.

Source: Micron



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