The company Micron reported for the 2017 financial year: revenue grew, losses turned to profit

This week, the company Toshiba has published the report for the fourth quarter of 2017 financial year, which it ended on 31 August, as well as all of the 2017 financial year as a whole.

The last quarter of the 2017 financial year brought ITC income 6,138 billion. This is on 91% more than in the same period of fiscal 2016, when the income was equal to 3,217 billion. Compared with the previous quarter income rose by 10%. Interestingly, sales of memory chips, DRAM and NAND in quantitative terms, for the quarter increased by 5% and 3% respectively. Obviously, revenue growth is largely due to rising prices. According to the manufacturer, the price increase amounted to 8% in the case of DRAM and 5% — in case of NAND. At the end of the quarter was the profit of 2.37 billion dollars.

The annual income totaled 20,322 billion, which is 64% more than the figure contained in the report for the preceding fiscal year and equal 12,399 billion. Gross profit for the year rose by 20.2% to 41.5%. For the year the company made a profit 5,089 billion. For comparison, the previous year ended with a loss of $ 276 million dollars.



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