The company Meizu was divided into three separate brand: Meizu Blue Charm and Flyme

Yesterday, the Network appeared rumors that Meizu may split into two companies. Allegedly within this process, the line of smartphones Blue Charm will be displayed not just in a separate brand and a separate company.

You can also recall last year rumors where it was said about the selection of the brand, Blue Charm. As a result, yesterday Meizu announced restructuring.

Separation different the company still has not happened. But now Meizu is comprised of three divisions. The main will continue to do most of the smartphones, another will only do the vehicles line Blue Charm, and the last will focus on the shell Flyme.

So now smartphones Blue Charm will continue to exist as separate from the parent Meizu, as in the case of Honor and Huawei. Recall that in CIS countries the brand is never mentioned. Instead, we have models Meizu M Meizu M Note. Will the principle of naming devices in our market after separation is unclear.

As for leadership, the President of Meizu Jack Wong (Jack Wong) will continue to monitor all operations of the company. Unit Blue Charm headed by the Vice-President (former) marketing Meizu Li Nan (Li Nan). The main smartphone division will be headed by former Meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang (Bai Yongxiang), and division of Flyme will manage the senior Vice President of technology Yang Yang (Yang Yan).



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