The company Lucid Motors unveiled a prototype of its first electric car

List of manufacturers of electric vehicles has been supplemented with a new name. Lucid Motors company, formerly known as Atieva, has unveiled a prototype of its first vehicle on electric. According to the source, at its creation the specialists of the company took two years. The source notes that the Vice-President of Lucid Motors design previously worked at Mazda, where he participated in the creation of a model MX-5 Miata, and the chief engineer at Jaguar and Tesla. Other leaders of the Lucid Motors also moved in the company of Tesla.

The body of the prototype is made using a serial snap-in, which indicates a high degree of readiness of the product. Atieva company started with the production of batteries. This experience came in handy when creating a vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the patented brand development has allowed to make its batteries more resistant to wear and tear of density of energy storage by 20% around the products of competitors.

Without recharging the electric vehicle Lucid Motors with two engines will be able to go 480 km. in addition, the company is considering the possibility of producing varieties with a power reserve of 640 km. Theoretically, the electric car can accelerate to 320 km/h, but the speed of the serial cars will be limited.

To the characteristics of the electric vehicle can be attributed to four OLED display in the cabin, electrochromic glass with variable degree of light transmission and led headlights. In accordance with the latest trends, the car will be equipped with automatic driving system. It is expected to release in the United States. The name of Lucid electric Motor promises to publish later.

Source: C Net

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