The company brought on VIA Flash Memory Summit 2016, the controllers of the SSD technology Gear-Shifting

On the website of the company VIA Technologies has reported about her participation in the event Flash Memory Summit 2016. It said that the manufacturer demonstrates in the event the latest controllers for SSDs interfaces and PCIe Gen 3 NVMe and SATA 6 GB/s.

One of the features of these controllers are named the best in the class the ability to detect and correct the errors that allegedly allows you to increase the lifespan of drives that use flash memory type TLC NAND.

A key element of the mechanism of error correction VIA ECC LDPC PLUS is the technology of Gear-Shifting. It is built on a proprietary algorithm BER Look-Ahead, allowing the controller on the fly choose one of three methods of error correction, thereby to achieve high data integrity and performance.

Source: VIA Technologies



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