The company BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against Nokia

The company BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against Nokia, accusing it of patent infringement and demanding compensation. The lawsuit was filed in the United States.

According to the plaintiff, violated his patents in base stations of cellular networks, the controllers of radio networks and software Liquid Radio. In total, the lawsuit lists 11 patents. The size of the claim in the lawsuit is not named.

Products that allegedly violated patents used by network operators, including T-Mobile US and AT&T. the plaintiff notes that Nokia knew about the violation, as referred to the appropriate BlackBerry patents in their patent applications.

Some of the patents involved in the lawsuit, previously owned by Nortel Networks. Nokia tried to buy them in 2009, but this attempt was unsuccessful. In 2011, the patents of bankrupt Nortel for $ 4.5 billion went to the Rockstar consortium, consisting and BlackBerry. Later, the patents were divided between the consortium members, including, apart from BlackBerry were Apple and Microsoft.

Source: Financial Post



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