The company Apis Cor for 24 hours by means of 3D-printing to build in Russia a small house

That 3D printers can be used for the construction of buildings, has been known for quite some time. However, mass such technologies are not yet used.

But that could change thanks to American startup Apis Cor. Their 3D printer was able to print a small house in 24 hours.

It is interesting that this house was built in Russia in the city of Stupino. Although when you consider that the printer maker and founder of the company is the Russian-born Chen Yun-tai, Nikita Dmitrievich, everything will fall into place. Directly print took those 24 hours, although it took extra time to get the house in living condition.

The area of the inner rooms — 38 m2. That is exactly such a printer may be suitable for construction of small industrial buildings, houses some resorts and so on. But a similar apparatus of larger size can be use to build more impressive buildings.

Important and cost. Apis Cor says that the house cost 10 134 dollars, and this price includes all materials and objects that were used for the building, including Windows, roofing and finishing materials and so on. Of course, it is not taken into account the cost of works, cost of land etc.

The company notes that the printer is able to operate at temperatures up to -35°C, although the limiter can be used solution. In this case, the concrete mixture could be used at temperatures below 5°C. the Original shape of the building is just a way to show the possibilities of the technology. In General, the structure may be square and some other shapes.


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