The company AccelStor will bring to the exhibition Computex 2017 an array of SSDs NeoSapphire 3706-ES1

The company AccelStor, recently presented a storage array NeoSapphire P310, told about the intention to bring this product to the exhibition Computex 2017. In addition, the manufacturer will show other novelty related to the line of scalable arrays of SSDs, the open model NeoSapphire P310. We are talking about the array NeoSapphire 3706-ES1.

Unlike NeoSapphire P310, a new array is assembled on the chassis of the U2, and not U1. It is possible to increase the number of drives from 8 to 24. Note that the available capacity remains the same — it is equal to 6 TB (unformatted — 19 TB). In the mountains collected drives flash memory MLC NAND, equipped with SATA interface, and network connectivity is provided by four 10-GbE ports. The main power supply 1000 watts supplemented by a reserve power of 1280 watts.

According to AccelStor, performance NeoSapphire 3706-ES1 on the operations read and write random access blocks of 4 KB reaches 360 000 IOPS. Other advantages of the product for virtualization, the manufacturer considers high availability, estimated at 99.9999 percent. This is achieved in that in the housing NeoSapphire 3706-ES1 is, in fact, is the two nodes with their own processors and storage devices associated with the InfiniBand interface.

Sources: AccelStor, AccelStor


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