The commercialization of lithium metal batteries, which offer twice the capacity at the same dimensions, is scheduled for November 2016

The commercial division at mit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MIT), which is called SolidEnergy Systems, announced that it is ready products with a new higher capacity batteries will be available in the coming months.

We last few years we hear promises about what the market will be more capacious battery, which will differ compact body. SolidEnergy Systems is preparing to commercialize a solution that allows to produce batteries of twice the capacity at the same dimensions as on the market lithium-ion batteries.

To achieve this, the team replaced the graphite anode in falgu, made of metal lithium. The resulting lithium metal battery shows twice the energy density compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. On the service life of the battery is comparable to current lithium-ion batteries.

The first working prototype was demonstrated to the staff SolidEnergy Systems a year ago, with the result that the developers have attracted investments in the amount of $ 12 million. In November of this year there will be drones that will use lithium-metal batteries SolidEnergy Systems. At the beginning of 2017, the company will enter the market of smartphones and wearable electronics. However, some analysts believe that many smartphone manufacturers continue the race for the thickness reduction, as a result, we get a large number of thin smartphones with about the same battery capacity as today.

A real revolution needs to occur in 2018, when the battery SolidEnergy Systems will start to use electric vehicles. This will instantly increase the cruising range of electric vehicles doubled, the same Tesla Model S can drive on a single charge 400 and 800 km.



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