The coach was fined by MLB for the use of the Apple Watch during the game

Major League baseball (Major League Baseball) ostafova coach Arizona Diamondbacks Ariel Prieto (Prieto Ariel) because it was noticed during the last game with the clock Apple Watch.

In Major League baseball, a ban on the use of electronic communication devices during matches. For example, last month the Boston Red Sox were fined for use of electronic devices for rapid transfer to his players on the field information on the signs, which serves players of the competing teams. It was initially reported that it was used by Apple watch, but then it turned out that it was about the Fitbit device.

The investigation of the situation showed that Ariel Prieto did not use the Apple Watch for something like that, but rules are rules. The amount of the fine is not reported, the funds will go to help the victims of hurricane «Maria» in Puerto Rico.


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