The Chinese smartphone market last quarter, nearly half consisted of BBK Electronics devices

Their assessment of the smartphone market in China by the end of the last quarter gave analysts Digitimes Research. According to their calculations, over the last three months of 2016 were sold in China to 124.2 million smartphones.

This corresponds to an increase of 8% QoQ and 5.3% per annum. 82% of all sold smartphones in China were made by local companies, whereas foreign accounted for only 18%.

Oppo took first place in the local market with a share of 20.3%. In second place was the Vivo with a share of 18.7%. If we consider them as representatives of a holding company BBK Electronics, it out, he even without taking into account OnePlus won 39% of the Chinese market in the last quarter.

Three leaders closes the Huawei with a share of 12%. Next is Gionee (4,3%), Xiaomi (3,9%) and Meizu (3.8 per cent). By the way, it is possible that in the current quarter Meizu for the first time ahead of Xiaomi, at least on the home market.

If we talk about all the companies, Apple occupied 13.2% of the Chinese market, while the share of Samsung accounted for only 4.1 percent. In the current quarter, analysts expect smartphone sales will amount to about 100.2 million units.


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