The Chinese company Yeolight showed the lighting panel and car tail lights, made by technology OLED

The Chinese company Yeolight Technology, founded in 2015 by the Department of Visionox company specializing in OLED technology, has introduced prototypes of two new products.

The first prototype OLED lighting panel. Panel dimensions 85 x 85 mm active area dimensions 76,5 x 76,5 mm emits light with a color temperature of 2000K-2600K. Panel efficiency exceeds 70 LM/W, brightness up to 2000 CD/m2. The service life of the «bulbs» manufacturer estimates no less than 20 000 h. As stated, the product is ready for serial production on the line of 2.5 G owned by Yeolight.

A second prototype module of the taillight for vehicles. It uses a translucent OLED panel, glowing red. They are developed jointly with the automaker Yanfeng for the prototype YF17, which was demonstrated at the auto show in Shanghai in April this year.

The module 36 is formed by partially overlapping triangular panels. The possibility of independent control panels allows you to obtain the visual effect of the traveling wave.

The thickness of each panel is 1.6 mm, brightness — 1000 CD/m sup2;, the light transmission of 40%. According to the manufacturer, the serial production of such modules must also begin in the near future.

Source: OLED-Info



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