The Chinese company Skyworth introduced television Wallpaper with OLED screen

The Chinese company Skyworth, with 2014 producing TVs with OLED screens, has introduced two new models: S9E and Wallpaper OLED TV. The second model resembles LG Wallpaper OLEDW7, referring, as it is easy to understand by name, to the category «television Wallpaper». The screen protrudes over the surface on which it is fixed, only 3.6 mm. the screen Size is 65 inches diagonally. With interface unit the screen connected by cable.

Wallpaper TV Skyworth OLED TV costs $14500. Model S9E also has a very small thickness, but the electronic unit it built-in. The connectors are in the lower part. This TV will be available in versions with screen sizes of 65 and 77 inches diagonally. They are valued at $5800 and $24500, respectively.

New Skyworth TVs use WRGB panel for 4K OLED production LG Display. Skyworth also uses panel production BOE Display. Some time ago, the manufacturer complained about the lack of panels, adding that LG Display could not provide the supplies in large quantities. This particularly applies to the 65 inch panels. In these circumstances, even small amounts of supplies provided by BOE Display are by the way.

Source: Skyworth


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