The chief designer of the Jawbone accuses the company Xiaomi plagiarism

Xiaomi company released a new portable column Xiaomi Mi Box in 2015, but only now Jawbone has put forward a claim (yet verbally, but not in the form of lawsuit about copying the design of its product.

We are talking about column Jawbone’s Mini Jambox, which was released in 2013 for the price of 180 dollars, but now available for about $ 60. I should add that Xiaomi Mi Box can be purchased for $ 25.

Looking at the illustration, you need to recognize that speakers have a lot in common in terms of design, although the complete copy in this case. But we should not forget that today almost every new smartphone resembles already on the market, so such claims seem rather strange. Moreover, speakers differ in the layout of the controls. Information published on his page in Twitter the main Jawbone designer Yves Behar (Yves Behar). Answer from Xiaomi is not followed.

The information seems interesting also because as soon Xiaomi plans to enter the US market with its television set-top box. And if China and India copying the design are quite tolerant in the US and Europe, companies like to sue for this reason. Xiaomi will have to approach carefully to the selection of the products it plans to release in the West.



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