The Chevrolet Bolt has shown great reserve in time of trial Consumer Reports

Yesterday we talked about the fact that members of the fan club Tesla Owners Club Italia was able to drive on cars Tesla Model S P100D without recharging 1078 km, more than double according to the manufacturer’s range.

Moreover, earlier any standard electric car could not exceed the coveted milestone of 1,000 km. However, all these figures are far from real. But Consumer Reports experts I decided to check a couple of modern electric vehicles in scenarios that are rather close to the present.

As a Guinea was taken Tesla Model S 75D with a stated power reserve of 414 km and the all-new Chevrolet Bolt, which the figure is 381 km. of Course, in reality, these models are not competitors in mind too much of a difference in cost, but the aim of the researchers was to compare only the reserve.

In the end, the Chevrolet Bolt even managed to exceed the specified figure. The car passed without recharging 400 km, whereas Tesla managed to overcome 376 km. And it is worth noting that the result of Bolt is a record for testing Consumer Reports.

Note that most of the way cars on the Consumer Reports tests passing on the highway with a constant speed 105 km/h With air-conditioning or heating system is disabled.

Thus, the Chevrolet Bolt cost about 38 000 dollars is still the best vehicle in terms of range of speed in General and especially in terms of cost. The new Tesla Model 3 announced reserve less, although we need to wait for the same real test.

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