The CEO of Atari, confirmed that the company intends to return to the market of gaming consoles

The company Atari, the once firmly associated with games consoles, left the market more than twenty years ago. However, she recently released a video with a promise soon to release a new model Ataribox. Judging by the roller, the novelty will be externally similar to the legendary gaming console Atari 2600.

Information on the output Ataribox was so incredible that it is even considered a hoax. However, the company’s CEO Fred chesnais (Fred Chesnais) has confirmed the source of the fact that the development of the new console. He did not go into the technical details, confining the statement that the basis of the console is the «PC technology».

In 2013, Atari filed for bankruptcy. Shen bought the company and vowed to return to her former greatness.

Source: VB


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