The cause of fire Samsung Galaxy Note7 will announce in a week. Sources say that will accuse all the same batteries

As reported by Reuters, referring to the informant out of the camp of Samsung, the South Korean company has finished the investigation of the situation with the fire smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Investors and analysts believe that Samsung is obliged to provide a detailed description of the reasons which caused the review Galaxy Note7. Before the announcement of the new flagship of the manufacturer must convince the public that the company accurately understand what happened and prevent this in the future.

The results will be announced on 23 January, the day before the company will report on the results of its activities in the fourth quarter of last year. The application must be done by the head of Samsung Dong-Jin Koh (Dong-jin Koh), which also makes the measures taken by Samsung to eliminate the possibility of emergence of similar problems in the new smartphones.

An anonymous source said that in laboratory tests, Samsung was able to recreate fire. Experts have established that the main reason is the battery, not the internal design of the phone or some software problems.



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