The case is VirnetX against Apple, which lasts for five years, once again ended with the loss of the last

The US judicial system is such that some cases can take years due to constant appeals and revisions of the earlier decision.

For example, five years ago, Apple lost the court case with the company VirnetX. Latter accused the copertina in violation of a number of patents related to the technology of virtual private networks, used by Apple in the function of FaceTime video conferencing.

The court ordered Apple to pay 368,2 million dollars compensation. Of course, Apple did not and continued to sue. We skip intermediate results and remind only about the latter. So, at the beginning of last year, Apple was again ordered to pay the company VirnetX fine, but in the size 625,6 million dollars. Then in August the decision was reversed, and in October, the court again ordered Apple to pay the opponent of 302, 4 million dollars.

Another year passed, and Apple lost another court. New press release reports that the court granted all the motions VirnetX. The total amount of the fine this time was $ 439,7 million dollars. But it is hardly the conclusion of the case, as Apple said it will again appeal the court decision.



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