The Canon IS binoculars 10×32, 12×32 IS 14×32 and IS equipped with a stabilization system image with a shift lens

Canon has introduced three new models of binoculars that provides a magnification of 10x, 12x and 14x. Their common feature is a new image stabilization system with a shift lens, used in binoculars Canon for the first time.

New stabilization system supports two modes: standard, which is smoothed by the movement of the hands during the search of the object, and reinforced, allowing you to get the clearest possible image for static observing. The second mode is intended to compensate for the inevitable with long-term monitoring of fluctuations of the breath and change position. Stabilization improves image clarity, effectively preventing the appearance of stress and fatigue.

In the description of the binoculars, the manufacturer said the Super Spectra coating, ensuring accurate colour reproduction and high contrast. Minimum focusing distance is approximately equal to 2 m.

The device is covered with non-reflective rubberized material, and controls designed, taking into account the possibility of using binoculars while wearing gloves. Time of continuous operation with the included stabilization up to 10 h

Sale Canon 14×32 IS, IS 10×32 12×32 and IS expected to start in November at a price of $1449, $1399 and $1349 respectively.



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