The campaign to recall Note7 Galaxy will cost Samsung $ 1 billion

We already know that Samsung has decided to launch a campaign to recall smartphones Galaxy Note7 because of the probability of ignition of the battery. If the device was collapsible, you could just replace the batteries, but it turns out that the Korean giant will face major financial losses.

It is known that Samsung sold around 2.5 million units. The popularity Note7 played with a Samsung a cruel joke, because almost all these millions will have to be replaced. It is difficult to say exactly how much the campaign will result to the Korean giant, but the resource Bloomberg, citing a Credit Suisse Group AG, Daishin Securities and Pelham Smithers Associates, voiced the amount of approximately $ 1 billion.

It became known that Samsung SDI was responsible for 70% of the supply batteries for the new flagship. The remaining 30% provided Amperex Technology. Shares of the Korean manufacturer in recent days, fell by 11%.

As for Samsung Electronics, expected net profit for the year should amount to 20.6 billion dollars, so that is not to say that the problem with the Galaxy Note7 is a disaster for the manufacturer. This whole situation is more interesting from the point of view of precedent, as previously no one in the industry did not revocable campaign of such magnitude.



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