The camera lens caught a pre-production sample of the smartphone OnePlus 5

Yesterday in the Network got the first «live» photos of the prototype smartphone OnePlus 5. Today we have the opportunity to look already on a pre-production sample.

As you can see, the device is very similar to the one we saw yesterday, but the stripes of the antennas are completely hidden, and also slightly change the appearance of a module of a dual camera.

On the lower side there are only the USB-C port and speaker grilles (it may be only one).

Besides, on the official forum, the company announced that over the new camera specialists DxO. The name OnePlus is now 5 confirmed officially. Recall that the Chinese don’t like number four, because in Chinese it sounds something like «death». Therefore, smartphone manufacturers often bypassed that number by, while those Xiaomi and Huawei did not immediately jump on the five.

Recall, OnePlus 5 needs to obtain SoC 835 Snapdragon, Full HD display, 6 GB of RAM and 16-megapixel camera.



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