The BMW Z8, the first owner was Steve jobs, sold at auction

In November of this year at Sotheby’s auction will be sold the BMW Z8, the first owner of which was one of the founders of Apple Steve jobs (Steve Jobs).

This fact is confirmed by entries in the service book by BMW, the original certificate of registration of the vehicle in the state of California, as well as (indirectly) a personalized license plate JOBS Z8, which was registered by the new owner.

According to legend, was convince jobs of the need to purchase BMW Z8, his colleague Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison), which is headed by Oracle. Exactly Larry Ellison inspired the jobs that the BMW Z8 is an example of modern automotive engineering and ergonomics.

The current owner of the car purchased it from jobs in 2003, for 17 years the vehicle has traveled approximately 24 thousand km and is in excellent condition.

Total produced about 5,700 of these machines, the estimated price of the lot is 300-400 thousand dollars, but the total amount may be much higher.



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