The BlackBerry smartphone, which will be released in October, will offer protection from water and become the new flagship of the brand

Yesterday we learned that TCL already in October have to release a new smartphone under the brand name BlackBerry who will be deprived of a physical keyboard. Later it became known that this device is the first for the brand will be protected from water.

Refers to the level of IP67. Overall TCL when creating this device caters to old fans of the canadian brand, who are accustomed to the reliability of the devices. In addition to protecting from water, the novelty should offer a good autonomy. A company spokesman said on more than 26 hours of work in mixed mode, but it is, of course, very conditional indicator.

Also, judging by the context of some phrases, this smartphone will be the flagship BlackBerry. While TCL is promising that it will cost less than more famous counterparts.



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